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We would like to share with you our happiness and gratitude.
The book was published 1 year after the completion of the first chapter.
Fly the fairy-tale wing to a magical place with Erickel,get to know Ray and the miracles and bring Land of Light into your life.
with Love Erick, Ray and Angelika

ps: get in touch if you order, we have a gift for you ;)

„We have been faced with so many trails and tribulations in life but we can use what we have been through to help heal someone else. 

Angelika with her stories can help to connect with your inner child - that's her forte. Let her do that so you can heal while you read.”
- Peter N. Dekany, Family-Constellation Facilitator 


„The practicality of this book is bridging a gap. It beautifully grasps the essence of certain modalities and practices. Very helpful, and not only for children!”
- Bernadett Barczi, Accredited EMF Balancing Technique practitioner

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